At registration of two-dimensional x-radiation projections of heterogeneous objects the problem (task) of weakly contracting details disclosing against a background complete image structure has arisen. One of the effective methods of mentioned problem salvation is the method of several internal object elements staining by means of substance (having the linear weaking coefficient - µ which essentially differs from corresponding parameter of others object elements). This method is widely used in medicine, at that staining (as a rule) is provided with the help of heavy metals joining with the atomic number Z>50:I, Ba, Ta, Xe. Development (evolution) of such diagnostic technics is combination of staining and subtraction image methods getting, for example, before and after staining substance inputting. It let to reduce the influence of different internals images imposition abruptly and to mark out staining structures selectively. Especially effective selective marking out of structure under consideration details when we use narrow spectral bands situated (located) at energy spectrum distantly from K-leap of staining element photo absorption. When we use as a source, for example, x-ray tube with copper anode for staining it would be well to use nickel salt, for which K-leap is situated (located) between bands (lines) of alpha and beta copper. Image selection created by means radiation nearby these bands (lines) we produced with the help of translucent monochromators (for more details see the reference). After short computer treatment (processing) of these two images A and B; one is subtracted from the other so we had differential image B=A - C.
The image getting as a difference of two images fixed in different areas (sections) of the spectrum has essentially much contrast than each of them. As illustration of this method we have triptych – three images composition. The middle one is getting by subtraction the right one from the left one (for more details see triptych).

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